SWAN 305 m²


This is a house with a capricious character, which accepts no compromise. Bold decisions will reveal the possibilities of this concept for its demanding owner. Created for a large and harmonious family, which loves its home and time spent in it together. This house creates individual space for every member of the family – different purposes of house spaces and their playfulness will always correspond with your mood and chosen activities.

1st FLOOR:

• Spacious entrance hall with wardrobe;
• Living room with a fireplace and vaulted ceiling. There is a possibility to install partitions from the kitchen;
• Kitchen with vaulted ceiling and a dining room;
• A winter garden of desired size with a possibility to install a sauna, Jacuzzi or even a pool;
• Open terrace with a roof, Italian oven and an outside kitchen area;
• Three children's rooms for rest and playing games;
• Bathroom with a separate WC area and direct access to the laundry room;
• Bedroom with a wardrobe, relaxation area and a separate bathroom;
• Spacious garage with household premises.

2nd FLOOR:

• Terrace installed over the garage with an exceptional relaxation area and a possibility to directly access the second floor of the house;
• Two working or leisure-time/hobby rooms;
• Separate bathroom;
• Mini-kitchen for your convenience;
• Sports and meditation room.