Jute wool made from a rainforest plant - capsule jute. Long term, flexible material perfect for isolating the warmth in curved houses l. This material doesn't emit any harmful elements. Jute wool can be safely used used in rooms with high moisture levels. It perfectly regulates the indoor and outdoor humidity. Jute fibers lessens high, medium and low level acoustics and is a natural antiseptic, it doesn't attract bugs or critters. Jute warmth isolation coefficient is 0.038 WmK.

Cannabis wool made from cannabis fibers. It's a natural, long term, flexible material that perfectly suits warmth isolation for curvy houses. It doesn't emit any harmful emissions. You can use Cannabis fiber wool for humidity control as well, it's really effective in controlling both indoor and outdoor humidity levels. It can also suppress incoming audio, there's no sugar in Cannabis wool too and bugs or critters are not interested in it. The warmth coefficient is 0.041 WmK.

Wood wool made from wood shavings. Natural, long lasting. This material emits no harmful elements. Regulates humidity really well. Wood wool reduces unwanted incoming acoustics. The isolation coefficient is 0.038 WmK .